Mackenzie Gardner

Hi I’m Mackenzie Gardner and I will be your trainer! I received my training certificate in 2014 from the Karen Pryor Academy. My training certificate is specifically in Clicker Training basics.

What is Clicker Training?

The clicker method is a force free, positive reinforcement training.  I like to think of this method as the easiest way to successfully communicate with your dog. The clicker is both a conditioned reinforcer and an event maker. You will be using it to mark desired behaviors. The treats serve as a primary reinforcer. These reinforcements will increase the good behaviors.


What will you need?

  • Mackenzie Gardner Dog TRainer Boulder Lafayette Louisville


  • Small Treats/ Kibble
  • Leash/ Long lead
  • No-pull harness/ Gentle leader

*Please no choke or prong training collars


Individual Dog Training Session: $40/hr

I will come to your home with a tailored program for your dog’s needs! Individual sessions are great because you and your dog get 100% of my attention. Individual sessions are also great for dogs that are highly distractible. Starting at home where they are comfortable and familiar with the environment is ideal for these types of dogs.

  • Puppy Training: $20/ group class
  • Dog Basics: $20/ group class


Louisville / Boulder / Lafayette / Superior / Broomfield / Erie

Off Road Paws offers services in areas of Louisville, Boulder, Lafayette, Superior, Erie and Broomfield. Please contact us with your location, so we can schedule a time to meet you and your pets.