Dr KiraKira: Owner / Runner / Veterinarian

Kira started Off Road Paws in 2015 because of her true love for nature and animals. She has worked as a small animal veterinarian for the last 12 years. In addition to her medical career, Kira has volunteered her time for animal shelters and animal rescue/welfare nonprofit organizations domestically and internationally. Having lived in a very stressful, fast-paced professional environment, she is all too aware that sometimes it is hard to give our pets the attention and exercise they deserve.  Kira is now devoting her time, experience and love to helping pet owners develop specially tailored adventures based on each pet’s individual needs. Because of her veterinary background, she will be able to determine the specific  exercise program your pets need relative to their fitness level and life-stage.

In addition to Kira’s work experience, she is an avid runner, enjoys the outdoors and welcomes the chance to share those passions with your furry family members. In her spare time, Kira explores the Rocky Mountains with her dog, Raylan, and her boyfriend Tripp. Clover, their 3-legged rescue cat is always excited to see them when they return home from a Colorado adventure.


Kathryn BianchiKathryn Bianchi- Dog Walker/Runner/Pet Sitter

Katie has been with Off Road Paws since April 2017 and is a perfect fit. She loves spending time with any and all dogs and they all love her back!  She grew up in Saline, Michigan in a household full of  dogs and cats. Katie moved to Boulder, Colorado  eight years ago to enjoy all the outdoor activities and beautiful weather the state has to offer. She is full of positive energy and the dogs always get a great workout and lots of love and attention in her hands.  Katie is feline and canine CPR certified and has completed the OSMP voice and sight class for Boulder County.

In her spare time, Katie is a team member for multiple soccer teams in the Boulder area and is constantly moving and staying active!


Jo Ann JohnsonJo Ann Johnson- Dog Walker/Runner/Pet Sitter

Jo has been an outstanding member of the Off Road Paw’s team since the spring of 2017.  She enjoys hiking, running and walking with the dogs and has an excellent intuition about what the dogs are telling her at all times.  Jo moved to Colorado twelve years ago and has a full house with her husband, Gerry, and their four children, one dog and one cat.  She is accustomed to multitasking and paying close attention to all her children and pets at one time! This is a valuable skill to have while out with dogs on the trails or pet sitting for a dog or cat.  Jo is feline and canine CPR certified and has completed the OSMP voice and sight class for Boulder County.

In her free time, Jo is an avid tennis player and enjoys staying as active as possible. Additionally she is an excellent baker and has taught cooking classes and runs her own cooking school!


Mackenzie GardnerMackenzie Gardner- Dog Walker/Runner/Pet Sitter/Trainer

Mackenzie Gardner joined the Off Road Paws’ team in April 2017 and quickly became an invaluable member of the team. She started pet sitting when she was 13 years old and has been doing it ever since.  All the animals love her calm and loving personality and trust her right away.  She has extensive experience working with dogs and cats of all personalities, ages and special needs.  She is canine and feline CPR certified and has completed the OSMP Voice and Sight class for Boulder County. In 2014, Mackenzie  completed Karen Pryor’s positive reinforcement, clicker dog training course and received a certificate in Dog Training Foundations.  She is available for individual and group training classes for your pups!

In her spare time, Mackenzie enjoys the outdoors, fitness training and spending time with her family and adorable 14 year old Cattle Dog mix, Shallie.  Shallie was rescued from the Dumb Friends League when she was two and Mackenzie has been devoted to her ever since. Mackenzie is a Colorado native and loves sharing the beautiful trails with all of Off Road Paws’ dog family.


Louisville / Boulder / Lafayette / Superior / Broomfield / Erie

Off Road Paws offers services in areas of Louisville, Boulder, Lafayette, Superior, Erie and Broomfield. Please contact us with your location, so we can schedule a time to meet you and your pets.