You love your pet. We do, too.

Dog Running, dog walking, & pet sitting...with love.

Off Road Paws wants to offer your dogs the opportunity to get out and do what dogs love the most – PLAY! We understand how busy and stressful life can be and we are here to help you and your pets. We provide fitness options, depending on your dogs’ needs, while you are at work or out of town including dog running, dog walking,  dog trail running/hiking  and pet sitting  (cats too!) around Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Broomfield and Boulder Colorado!

Personalized pet adventures.

Your  individual and specific fitness level, age, medical condition, likes and dislikes will be considered. The exact fitness program will be designed to keep your dogs healthy and happy. Your stress will be reduced because you can be assured that your dogs will be in loving and experienced hands, while enjoying the beautiful Colorado trails, a dog walk/run around the block or just getting a belly rub on the couch.  All dog walking, running and pet sitting services are available in and around Louisville, Boulder, Lafayette, Erie, and Broomfield Colorado. Cat visits and belly rubs are available also. Off Road Paws can’t wait to meet you and your pets!

Dog Running Louisville Colorado

Dog Running

Fitness run-get out energy, help with weight loss and orthopedic issues. Running the entire time allotted at your dog's fitness pace. Louisville, Lafayette, Boulder and Broomfield, Colorado.

Dog Hiking Louisville Colorado

Dog Hiking / Off-Leash

No pavement! Mountains, creeks, snow, sun. Actual adventure time - no charge for travel time within 5 minutes of home. All options can be tailored to individual pet(s) needs. Louisville, Lafayette, Boulder and Broomfield, Colorado.

Dog Walking Louisville Colorado

Dog Park / Dog Walking

Leash walks or dog park near neighborhood. Louisville, Lafayette, Boulder and Broomfield, Colorado.

Pet Sitting Louisville Colorado

Daytime Pet Sitting

Walk / feed / clean up poop / litter pan / water plants / mail. No overnights. Louisville, Lafayette, Boulder and Broomfield, Colorado.

Off Road Paws
Dr. Kira

Experience matters.

Dr. Kira started Off Road Paws in 2015 because of her true love for nature and animals. She practiced as a small animal veterinarian for last 12 years.  She is now devoting her career to giving dogs and cats the exercise and attention they deserve.  Kira is an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast and welcomes the chance to enjoy those passions with your furry family members in and around Louisville Colorado!

What our clients have to say:

Client Testimonial

“Kira is an exceptional, very trustworthy person who will care for your pet as if her own. I met her recently as she was caring for and walking three dogs at the pet boutique where I work. Having been educated in veterinary medicine, she paid close attention to each dog, and immediately noticed anything out of the ordinary while caring for these dogs. Although the dogs initially missed their “parents” who were away, when Kira stepped in, and gave them lots of exercise, attention, and love, they soon became happy dogs again. You can be rest assured that your dogs will have the best of care with Kira.”

Robin Ray Farfel's Farm Pet Boutique Employee

Client Testimonial

“We had Kira come by and watch our two pets while we went on a short 4 day vacation. She did a fantastic job keeping our dog fed and walked and our cat, who is extremely shy, came out and spent time as well. She left detailed notes for us about each day and activity that they did. We were very satisfied.”

Cody Off Road Paws client